Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Are sweet potatoes good for my dogs?
A- Oh yes! Gaines Family Farmstead sweet potato dog treats are extremely healthy for your dogs. Sweet potatoes are ranked the number one veggie for nutrients and fiber quantities. They are loaded with beta-carotene which turns into vitamin A in your dogs, which is essential for your pups vision, strength and growth. Our treats have no artificial flavors or preservatives and are grown and processed right here in the United States of America.  They are salt and sugar free which makes them even healthier!
Q-Do dogs like Sweet Potatoes?
A- Yes, it is our experience that dogs of all kinds LOVE our American grown and sourced Gaines Family Farmstead Sweet Potato Dog Treats! Our 100% Natural sweet potatoes are cooked with a proprietary cooking recipe which ensures that our sweet potato treats are packed with nutrients, high fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins which are great for our four legged fur babies. They taste great to dogs due to the natural sugars in sweet potatoes combined with the care and love that goes into our manufacturing process which yields a product that dogs love. They are loved by owners too, as we know they are a healthy Super Food for our pups! 
Q- Which Gaines Family Farmstead Sweet Potato Treat is best for my dog?
A- All our American sourced Sweet Potato Treats are incredibly popular with all dogs! 
Our chews, fries, bones, and chips make a great sweet potato dog snack or can be used for dog training incentives. The chews might last a little longer since they are larger but they can be cut into pieces for dog training as well. The bones are a little softer and can be broken up easier for training purposes. Since they are all natural with no added artificial flavorings, salt or sugar our dogs come running when they hear the bag crinkle!
Q- My dogs Love your Gaines Family Farmstead Sweet Potato Dog treats!!! Do you see Gaines Family supplying any other type treats in the future?
A- YES! Thanks for asking! We are in the process of perfecting another vegetable Dog Treat which our dogs are going crazy over. They will also be American grown and sourced and 100% all natural. Sign up here to hear about great offers! 
Q- Can my dog eat too many sweet potato dog treats?
A- Probably not, but we recommend you limit your pups daily intake as indicated on our bags. Our Sweet potatoes dog treats have no added sugar, salt or additives so they are very healthy!  But, because our furry four legged friends can't tell us when they are full, we find it best to just follow the instructions... and maybe sneak them an extra every now and then!
Q- Where do you get these awesome Sweet Potatoes?
A- Our sweet potatoes are grown in North and South Carolina, sourced from family owned farms. The Carolinas are sweet potato capitals of the United States of America (The World if you ask the locals). No other sweet potato can compare to the ones grown in the Carolinas' rich, fertile soil. Their smooth skin and great color attracts humans and man's best friend. 
Q- Can my puppies choke on your Sweet potato treats?  
A- Of course it is a possibility, but to ensure safety, all dogs should be observed while being fed treats of any kind. However, our treats are extremely safe compared to other harder textured treats on the market. Our dog treats are healthy with no additives. Gaines Family Farmstead takes great pride in our American made and sourced all natural treats.
Q- What other pets can eat your Sweet potato treats?
A- Well, first of all they don't only have to be pets! Just ask Mr. Rad, he has been known to eat the sweet potatoes right as they are coming off the manufacturing line.  But, because of how naturally sweet and delicious sweet potatoes are, we have found that a bunch of different animals like them! We have had a couple customers tell us how much their horses enjoyed them and we know a deer hunter or two that swear the big bucks just LOVE sweet potatoes! Yep, super healthy Horse treats and food for wild animals. These treats are all so loaded with nutritious vitamins and fiber we can't blame horses, deer or dogs for loving them!
Q- How long is the shelf life of your Sweet potato treats?
A- Properly sealing the bags should provide freshness for approximately 12 months and there is an expiration date on each bag of our all natural sweet potato treats. We also include an oxygen absorber package to ensure freshness and to preserve this super food.
Q- Where are your Sweet Potato Treats made?
A- Well we can't tell you everything about our process but we can tell you this, our sweet potatoes are grown, manufactured and packaged all within 275 miles of each other!  So there is no concern of any Chinese made product slipping in with our treats... We might could tell you where we make these succulent, healthy, all-natural treats, but then we would have to kill ya! Just kidding obviously...but because our manufacturer is so new to the industry and we don't want to help out our competition, we find if best to keep that our little secret for now.  If you are really concerned though, shoot us an email and we will tell you all about our manufacturing process!
Q- Our dogs are on a diet, are your Sweet Potato treats low fat?
A- Sweet Potatoes are low in fat and Gaines Family Farmstead adds no sugar or salt to our treats. You can find the health information on the back of the bag and we always recommend that folks communicate directly with their veterinarian if they have any further concern!
Q- Our dogs swallow treats whole. Are your Sweet Potato Dog Treats easy to digest?
A- Gaines Family Farmstead Sweet potato dog treats are 100% natural, made in America from the healthiest sweet potato fields in our country, maybe the world. They are high in fiber and easy to digest. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene which is a major antioxidant, along with vitamin C and B complex vitamins, iron and phosphorus. Sweet potatoes are excellent immune system boosters for humans and pets. The presence of beta carotene, vitamin C and magnesium are known to be effective in curing internal and external inflammation. Research on humans show sweet potatoes benefits are numerous: Boost immune system, aid in curing stomach ulcers, helps to maintain water balance in the body, improves digestion, provides relief for arthritis, and helps to treat cancer, so why not the same for our fur babies!
Q- Wondering why there are some color and size variation in the sweet potato treats?
A- Yes, this is normal! Some treats are darker or lighter orange depending on the actual variance in the sweet potatoes themselves. They are all packed with nutrients making them a super food for dog!
Q- How long does it typically take to get my order after it's placed?
A- We know you want your treats as possible, so we do our best to get every order out as quick as we can. If you your order before 5pm Monday-Thursday and it will go out within 48 hours (excluding holidays). If you place your order Friday-Sunday, it will go out within the next 2 business days. Each order is hand packaged and handled with love by our Gaines Family Farmstead team!