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Why Sweet Potatoes?

When it comes to dog treats, sweet potato is an ingredient that packs tons of nutrients into a chewy and soft treat. They're loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber, amino acids and antioxidants. If you're looking for a training treat or a way to supplement your dog's diet, ours are one of the healthiest dog treats you'll find.

What Our Customers Say

Ellie loves her all natural Sweet Potato Fries! I love that they’re made in the USA in Birmingham Alabama!

Kim W.

We just got the bones and our dogs love them. They are nice and chewy and my puppy loves them also!

David C.

We got a bag of the sweet potato chips in this months pup joy box. I just wanted to say that I've never seen our rescue dog that we've had for a year now get so excited about any treat. He absolutely loves them. I just ordered some more on your website because I want to continue his excitement.

Paige G.

Our pup loves the sweet potato chews. Very prompt delivery after we ordered them.

Bobby H.

These treats are such a hit!! We have shared with all our neighbors and all dogs go crazy over them. One dog was very picky and he loved them and then stuck his head in bag for more! And they are SO healthy!

Lisa J.

My dog LOVES the sweet potato treats! She prefers them over her beef treats. Definitely recommend.

Haley B.

My puppy loves these - she starts drooling every time I get the bag out. I love the fact they are made locally and with limited ingredients. The chews are her favorite. They are a little larger in size and are enough to keep her distracted for a few minutes when I leave for work.

Love this product! All natural dog treats and my pups go crazy for them.

Mick B.

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

Yes, they are! Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and nutrients. Check out our guide to the health of sweet potatoes. You'll learn why they are healthy. And we've addressed a couple misconceptions you may have read about.

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About Our Healthy Dog Treats

Our sweet potato dog treats are loaded with beta-carotene which turns into vitamin A in your dogs, which is essential for your pups vision, strength and growth. They have no artificial flavors or preservatives and are grown and processed right here in the United States of America. They are salt and sugar free which makes them even healthier!

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Pure. Simple. Superfood for Dogs.

We weren't happy with the harmful health attributes of typical dog treats, so we set out to create healthy dog treats for our own four legged friends. What we discovered was just too good to keep to ourselves. Your pup will love our sweet potato treats for dogs.

How Our Sweet Potato Dog Treats Are Made

We are dog owners ourselves, and we know how much you value your dog's health. That's why our healthy dog treats are all-natural. Here's how they're made:

  1. We choose sweet potatoes grown on local farms in the southern United States
  2. Sweet potatoes are trucked to our nearby manufacturing facility
  3. They're cleaned, mashed, molded and dehydrated

It's that simple! That's why our customers love our dehydrated sweet potato dog treats. See for yourself! Purchase a bag of our treats and see how your pup benefits from a tasy, healthy treat.