Sweet Potato Bones for Dogs - 100% Natural Single-Ingredient Dog Treat


A Natural, Healthy Dog Treat

We dehydrate our sweet potato bones for just the right amount of time. This ensures they have just the right amount of chewiness for a chewy dog treat. At the same time we protect all the vitamins and nutrients that sweet potatoes naturally have.

Here’s what you can expect from our treats:

  • One Ingredient: Our sweet potato bones are made with one ingredient, sweet potatoes grown on local farms.
  • Healthy for your dog: These treats are grain free, soy free and salt free. They contain no preservatives, sweeteners or artificial flavors.
  • Suitable for all breeds: Our sweet potato treats work for all dogs, big and small. And if your dog has dental problems, these soft chew treats are a great fit.
  • Made in the USA: We’re a family-owned company. And we ensure that our sweet potato bones are of the highest quality.

How Our Sweet Potato Bones are Made

  • After a short drive from the field to our food grade manufacturing facility, we give the sweet potatoes a good cleaning
  • We create our delicious sweet potato mash and mold them into the perfect Sweet Potato Bones
  • Once molded, we lightly dehydrate the bones to produce a delicious, nutritious, all natural, sweet potato bone for your dog

Choose a Healthy Treat for Your Dog

For many of us, our dogs are our family. We know that many dogs suffer from allergies that are worsened by heavily-processed treats.

We know that you want a simple, all-natural treat for your dog. We’re dog owners too! So try a bag of our sweet potato bones, and find out how much your dog will love these treats.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Marti M
Good for teething

Our new puppy, loves them.

I think any dog would love these, but, they don't last long.

I like that they're made of 100% sweet potatoes but I think they're useless as a chew to help keep a dog's teeth clean. I have a small dog and he eats them very, very, quickly....no benefit for his teeth. I will buy them again, but with a whole lot less expectations as to teeth benefits.

Fredrick Brown
Sweet potatoes are so healthy.

My dog enjoys all the company products

My dog LOVES it!

Booboo is less than 11 lbs. I was going to cut up the "bone" in smaller pieces but he grabbed it and ran off. Yes, he ate the whole thing. Price is VERY EXPENSIVE for me. Maybe give to Booboo only on special occasions..😢

Our dogs favorite treats!

Our dog, Baxter has been eating these for years from our local pet shop and it closed, so I was so excited to see these on Amazon!❤️ They are his FAVORITE!!! We call these, “sweet potato cookies” in our house and he comes running when we say that and he knows what we’re talking about! These are hearty and chewy treats and are made in the USA & great for dogs with sensitive tummies to treats. Your dog will LOVE these!