Sweet Potato Fillets

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Salmon and Sweet Potato Fillet Dog Treats
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Chicken and Sweet Potato Fillets Dog Treats
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Sweet Potato and Beef Fillets - Gaines Family Farmstead
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How Sweet Potato Treats Are Made

Our one ingredient dog treats are made in the USA. Here’s how the magic happens:

We select sweet potatoes grown on local farms in the southern United States. Sweet potatoes are trucked to our food-grade manufacturing facility just down the road.  They’re cleaned, mashed, molded, and dehydrated.

When you’re making healthy treats, the process is just that simple! 

Are Sweet Potatoes Healthy for Dogs?

Yes, sweet potatoes are healthy for dogs. They’re loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and rich in fiber, amino acids and antioxidants.

Many of the treats you’ll find at the grocery store from major manufacturers contain gluten and other bi-products that your dog may have an intolerance to.

Our single-ingredient dog treats contain none of these. And our two-ingredient treats like chicken-wrapped bones are made with all-natural ingredients from the USA.