Sweet Potato and Salmon Fillets


HEALTH & HAPPINESS: As a safe and healthy long-lasting treat, our salmon and sweet potato fillets are cooked to perfection, giving them just the right amount of chew. Your pup will bark for them again and again.

WHY SWEET POTATOES: Sweet potatoes are naturally a great source of protein, fiber, vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants, which are an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet for your pet.

HOME GROWN: Our Sweet potatoes are proudly grown on local farms in the southern United States, then sliced and dehydrated at our food-grade manufacturing facility just down the road.

ALL NATURAL: All our treats are 100% natural and free from any ingredients that could be harmful to your dog. Never made with grain, dye, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives. The only ingredients are sweet potatoes and love.

FOR ALL DOGS: Our treats are made for both small and large breeds. Sweet potatoes digest naturally and easily, making them a safe treat for both your puppy and your trusty old friend.

Customer Reviews

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Deborah S. Gaughf
Puppy Love

My Mia loves these treats.

Marcia H
Dog treats

My dogs beg for these

Our favorite

so healthy and due babies get so excited when i grab the package

Serena StuartSerena Stuart
My dogs love these!

Both of my dogs LOVE these salmon filets! They both love seafood more than even chicken which used to be their favorite! As soon as I opened the packet, they ran up to beg. They are medium sized cocker spaniels. One of these treats is the perfect size for them. They aren't soft, but they arent as tough as regular jerky. They don't take long for them to eat, but they enjoy every second of it all. They are all around 4 inches long. There were 12 pieces included in one package. I think that any sized dogs can enjoy these, but some may get longer enjoyment than others. This is both of my dog's first taste of sweet potato and salmon treats. They love them and I also love the fact that they are 100 percent natural treats! I would recommend these to anyone!

One of Coco's favorite treats!!

5 Stars!! This is one of Coco's favorite treats. He grabs it and hides it sometimes to enjoy it at leisure sometimes. Definitely recommended for dog.