Could Your Dog Be Allergic to Milkbones?

Could Your Dog Be Allergic to Milkbones?

Could Your Dog Be Allergic to Milkbones?

They're the most popular dog treat in the world but, did you know milk bones could be making your pup sick? Here are some signs that your dog may be allergic to milk bone treats.

Itchy Skin - The most common symptom of any kind of allergy in your dog is itchy skin. Your dog’s skin is what protects the body from the environment so it is most often the first place that shows signs of sensitivity. This happens because your dog’s system recognizes an ingredient as dangerous even though it is not, and it releases histamines to get rid of them. It is the rise in histamines that cause the respiratory, digestive, and skin reactions. 

Upset Stomach - With Milk Bone allergies, your dog may show gastrointestinal upset first, such as diarrhea and vomiting. In some cases, the signs of allergy may not even be noticed at all. In fact, you may mistake it for a stomach bug or something else besides the Milk Bone snacks because your dog has eaten them before without a problem. The three main ingredients in Milk Bone dog treats (wheat, beef, and milk) may cause an allergic response in some canines. Dogs who are sensitive to these ingredients may have an immediate and obvious reaction to Milk Bone treats (vomiting, diarrhea, itching), or it may take several hours to days before any symptoms show.

Difficulty Breathing - While a Milk Bone allergy is not usually dangerous, in some dogs it can cause a condition called anaphylaxis in which the airway swells and the dog cannot breathe. This is a rare but serious condition and if you notice your dog is wheezing or having trouble breathing, you should go to an animal hospital immediately. 

How to treat a Milk Bone allergy in your pup - One of the easiest ways to treat your pup's Milk Bone allergy is to switch them off of the harmful treat and onto something more natural. Our sweet potato dog treats contain no gluten, meat, wheat, dairy or harmful chemicals and are just a small example of a healthy alternative to Milk Bones. As always consult your Veterinarian first for any health concerns with your pup. And remember, a dog can always develop an allergy over time with age so, avoid the risk of health complications later and find a better treat worthy of your pup.

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