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5 Reasons to Buy Dog Treats Made in America

5 Reasons to Buy Dog Treats Made in America

Buying dog food and treats made in America isn’t just about patriotism. There are several reasons why it’s a better choice to purchase dog food made in America. 

And be careful - “Made in the USA” doesn’t always tell the whole story, especially with a lot of large dog food manufacturers.

If you want to give your pup a longer and happier life, we recommend buying American. Here are a few reasons why this makes sense.

Quality Control

The Food & Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have strict guidelines related to the production of pet food. The FDA plays a part in making sure that companies use good manufacturing practices, with standards for cleanliness and hygiene. Meanwhile, the USDA focuses on dog food that includes meat products.

Countries like China do not have similar controls over the production process. Poisoned Pets documents cases in which a lack of quality control has led to sickness or death.

Healthy Ingredients

Be careful when you’re doing your homework. Even some American dog food companies use foreign-sourced ingredients. And they’re sometimes of a lower quality. The Association of American Feed Control Officials provides guidelines for manufacturers, but not everybody follows the rules.

It can take a lot of research to discover if a company’s treats are truly made in the USA. But it’s worth it. Dog treats made in the USA with American ingredients typically provide higher-quality ingredients. 

Locally-Sourced Ingredients

American-made treats provide transparency and traceability of ingredients. With locally sourced ingredients, you have a better understanding of where the ingredients come from and their quality. 

In the case of our sweet potato treats, our sweet potatoes are sourced from farmers in the southeastern U.S. American manufacturers often have established relationships with local farmers and suppliers, allowing them to carefully select the finest ingredients for their products. This transparency enables you to make informed choices and ensures that you know exactly what your dog is consuming.


Choosing treats made in America means fresher ingredients for your pup. Local sourcing enables faster transportation and reduces the time between ingredient harvest and treat production. Simply put, our ingredients spend less time on boats and trucks.

Fresh ingredients retain more of their natural nutritional value, ensuring that your dog receives the maximum benefits. From farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to high-quality meats, American-made treats prioritize freshness and offer a nutrient-packed reward for your furry friend.

Supporting Local Businesses

When you buy a treat made by Gaines Family Farmstead, you’re supporting several local businesses. There are farmers in the U.S. who grow our sweet potatoes, an American-owned manufacturing plant, drivers and more.

Regardless of which brand of pet treat you prefer, buying a dog treat made by small businesses in the USA is a decision to help the countless Americans working hard to make a living.

Try a 100% Natural Treat, Made in the USA

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