Artificial food coloring. It's what makes your Blue Kool-Aid blue, your Jello red and Mac n Cheese yellow. Artificial food coloring is everywhere and you can find plenty of studies on the risk of consuming them. However, did you know many of your pup's favorite dog treats include harmful artificial food colorings? 

That's right, companies add AFC's to treats to make them more appealing to owners so they will buy the treats. But, does it really matter? Do AFC's affect dogs the same way they do humans? 

It turns out the answer is YES! One of the most documented issues is "behavioral problems" resulting from your pup ingesting too many AFC's. We found a fantastic article that lists the 4 most common AFC's found in dog treats and what the potential side effects can be.

  • Yellow 5 - Also known as tartrazine or E102, this dye requires a warning label in Europe. It is commonly found in processed foods we humans consume as well as pet food, it is thought to cause neurochemical and behavior effects, including hyperactivity, aggression, and insomnia. It is also linked to asthma, allergies, thyroid tumors, lymphomas, ADHD, and chromosomal damage. 

  • Red 40 - Perhaps the most well-known artificial food dye because of it's prevalence and bad reputation, it is tainted with cancer-causing contaminants. You've probably heard a lot about it because it is linked to ADHD and hyperactivity in children.

  • Blue 2 - Often contains cancer-causing contaminants and may contribute to abnormal cell development, especially in the brain. It is most closely linked to brain tumors. May also cause allergic reactions.

  • Yellow 6 - Has been reported to cause allergies and is linked to hyperactivity in children. Some studies have shown that it has caused adrenal gland and kidney tumors in animals. It is also linked to skin issues, asthma, and chromosomal damage.

So after seeing all the potential issues that AFC's can cause we have to ask. Why risk it? Our Sweet Potato Dog Treats are 100% natural with no added sugar, AFC's or other harmful chemicals. Dogs love them and we know you will too! 

So rest easy and grab a bag for your pup to try out today!



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